The Pizza Delivery Man Story

It was late one night and I had the sudden urge of ordering pizza. As usual, I got my favorite stuff crust Pizza from Pizza Hut. I didn’t feel like driving, so I decided to have it delivered over to my house. The wait time was about 40 minutes, so I decided to do a couple of jumping jacks inside the house to burn some calories. I figured since I’m going to have a large box to myself, I might as well have a little workout before the pizza would arrive.

However, the pizza delivery man came a lot sooner than 40 minutes. I didn’t even break a sweat with my jumping jacks! Anyway, I noticed something different as soon as I opened the door. The delivery man greeted me with a big smile. On top of that he acknowledged my dogs. Mind you, that every pizza delivery man that came to my house in the past looked miserable and couldn’t wait until their shift was over. None of them acknowledged my dogs either, until this guy came along.  I asked him how he was doing, and he said “fantastic.” Once he gave me my large box of pizza, I had to sign a receipt. I gave a nice tip to the man just because he was extremely friendly.

After the delivery man received the receipt with tip, he asked me “Hey, can you do me a huge favor?” In my head, I was thinking “Oh great…what does he want now,” (rule #1 – don’t assume! which I was at fault here…) Anyway, I said “Sure. What is it?” And he said with a nice smile “I want you to have a wonderful week. Can you do that for me?” My jaw dropped as I was shocked with his response.  I was speechless for a moment, and then I told him “I definitely will. And I hope you have a great week as well!”

It was the perfect timing, and to hear that from a stranger that I’ve never met had definitely made my day.

It’s very rare for someone, (more rare that it’s a delivery man) to ask a favor from you – and that favor involves with YOU of having a great week. An act of kindness I would say, and an event that I’ll never forget. It just shows how you don’t need any materialistic object or a lot of money to be happy. All you really need is good company from others, whether they’re your friend, family and or even strangers.



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