Money is NOT The Answer to Happiness


For the past 20 years, I’ve learned that money isn’t the answer to happiness. Don’t get me wrong, money is definitely important in this “materialistic” world that we live in. We need it to place food on the table, pay for our clothing, mortgage, and so on. However, living every day to make more money and to spend more things doesn’t bring happiness. I’ve experienced this in so many levels. There comes a time where all we care about is making more money to buy things that we “want” to have. And what happens once we obtain that materialistic item? We want something better, or we want something new. It’s a never ending cycle.

True happiness comes within yourself. You honestly do not need anything to be completely happy. My father, lived a very simple life. I witnessed a man who stayed home all day just reading books, and played with his dogs every single day. He barely went out the house; the only time he did was when he would be in his backyard working on his garden. Myself on the other hand, I loved spending money on the latest clothes, the latest shoes, the best gadget, etc. Every time I came home, my dad would tell me that I wasted my money because I already have clothes that were still in good condition And so why spend more money on clothes that I don’t even need? I would ignore his comment, but over time I realized how he was right. I remember wearing the latest clothes, and having the best gadget. But after a certain time, I lost interest and I was no longer happy with my possessions. Therefore, I needed to go out there and buy more materialistic objects just to fulfill my happiness. And that’s when I realized that I can never truly be happy with money.

Happiness to me is finding yourself. Knowing your worth, and that you’re more than just a robot. Happiness is to live your life freely and detaching yourself from this “worldy” life. Loving yourself is also a strong form of happiness. Look at yourself in the mirror and be thankful that you get to live another day. You can be happy without having anything; however it all starts with you. Personal development and being mindful of things will get you there. Everything here on Earth is “temporary.”

I was able to find my happiness by doing several things.. Hopefully this list will bring some perspective on your end.

  1. Take the time for yourself and love what the Earth has to offer. Go out to the beach and relax, or go on top of a hill and see the view. Watch how the world moves. Look at the ocean, the sand, the sun, the sky, the birds, the people, and nature. Put some headphones on and listen to some type of instrumental song. You’ll notice how life is beautiful without you having to do anything but to appreciate everything around you.
  2. Be open to everything. Being closed-minded can eat you up in the long run. You might miss an opportunity where something amazing could be apart of your life. For example, I had an assumption of a specific religion was always bad, which caused me to have anger towards people that were apart of that religion. However, I cleared my mind, and told myself that I need to experience it for myself. And so I went to a wedding with that specific religion and realized how AWESOME it was. The people were great, and the sermon from the pastor delivered a wonderful message. I would have never experienced this if I kept a closed mind, and my anger towards that religion would still be around.
  3. Appreciate the little things in life. Take the time and look everything around you. You’ll start to realize that all the little things surrounding you will make you happy. Sometimes all we need is just time off for ourselves and to reflect on everything.
  4. Give.  I learned that I found happiness from giving rather than receiving. I remember I loved to spend so many unnecessary toys / gadgets for myself that would only keep me happy for a small time being. The never ending happiness was when I would treat my family and friends out for dinner. Spending quality time with your close ones is priceless.

Again, I’m not here to say that you shouldn’t make money – because that’s not my intention. I’m just saying that money isn’t the answer to happiness. By all means, make as much money as you want but don’t let it take over your life!

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