3 Simple Ways to Alternate Your Thoughts

Negative emotions like hatred destroy our peace of mind. ” – Matthieu Ricard

We go through a bunch of crazy shit in our lives. Times where we just want to give up because we can’t even see the light at the end of the tunnel. Fortunately (yes I said fortunately), we’re going to go through these “rough” events night in and night out. I say fortunately because these are the times where you’ll grow. And so the key here is to alter your thoughts into something “positive.” Yes, it’s simple to say “All you have to do is change your thoughts,” and I’m sure you’ve heard it countless of times. And I’m here to admit, it’s hard, but that’s the beauty of it all! Altering your thoughts brings the best out of you! Of course, that’s only if you choose to. I’ve dealt with people in the past where all they did was complain about their lives. Complained about their job, how they had the oldest cell phone, and everything else to them just sucks. Honestly, all of that is a simple fix. Instead of complaining about their job, they could have been thankful that they even have a job. Instead of complaining that they have the oldest phone, they could at least take the time to realize that they are still within communication with all of their friends and family. And so I’m here to basically tell you 3 simple ways to alternate your thoughts.

1) Take the time to look at things in a different perspective.

Before you unleash your anger on how things aren’t going your way, take the time to really question yourself. Ask yourself, “Am I really mad? Why am I mad? What can I do to change this? What’s the positive side of this?” I got mad at my boss because he didn’t give me a big promotion. I was extremely angry at him because I wanted to make more money. And then, I gave it some thought. There’s always a blessing in disguise, is what I would tell myself. The thought was, if I was given that big promotion, I wouldn’t have enough time for myself, and I’d have to dedicate more of my time at my job. For me, I’m all about spending quality time for myself, my family and my friends.

2) Put yourself in the other persons shoes. 

Take the time and look at other people around you. You’ll recognize there are people smiling. But you know what? They’re going through rough times too but the biggest point here is that they don’t let it bother them! They “accept” the challenge, knowing that life isn’t always going to be easy. Besides, if life was so easy, what’s the point of living? And what I’m trying to say is that there will be others who have gone through some horrible events in the past, and even the in the present. Yet, they’re still grinding through in life because they’re always thinking positive. I remember visiting a 3rd world country a couple years ago, and I’d see a bunch of kids with NOTHING. All they had was a tiny basketball court in the front of their house. I knew that if I had that type of lifestyle, I’d be miserable. However, I was watching them and I saw that they were extremely happy. And just putting myself in their shoes made me look at things in a totally different perspective.

3) Spend time with people that have great energy.

I notice that my negative thoughts was heavily influenced by my surroundings. Everyone around me was thinking negative, and so it reflected on me. Your surroundings has a huge impact in the way you think. Whether it’s your parents, your friends, and or your cousins. I’m not here to tell you to get rid of them if they’re negative; however, start finding people that will make you feel good.  Add or find friends and family members that do think positive. For instance, my best friend has gone through a lot in the past. There was a point where he only had $20 in his pocket for a couple of days.. However, he still maintained a positive attitude, and instead of dwelling on him being poor, he used it as a motivation to work harder. Today, he’s making thousands of dollars a week. All it took was perseverance and just staying positive. His attitude bounced off to me, where I’m super blessed. Even with all the challenges that I go through night in and night out, I see it as a blessing.

All you have to do is take the time for yourself and really take things into perspective. Maybe there’s a hidden blessing as to whatever it is that you might find as a challenge. And maybe there’s a blessing in disguise that you don’t know about. You have to be hopeful. Always put yourself in another persons shoes. Especially the ones that are happy, yet they’ve gone through a lot. Being in someone else’s shoes could give you once again, another perspective that you haven’t discovered before. And the main thing, is to really spend time with people that bring positivity in your life.



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