12 Helpful Advice for College Freshmen

Most of us have been the youngsters in college. Ready to be free from the reins of our parents and be out on our own. College is an exciting time as many upperclassmen can tell you.; parties, new experiences, or even finding your soul mate. Let’s be honest, though college can also be scary for incoming freshman. Here are 12 tips to help incoming freshman have a great year.

1. Join an organization. No one wants to be alone in his or her dorm room. Joining an organization will allow you to meet friends who like to do the same activities you like to do. If you think you need to get adjusted before joining an organization you probably will regret it later. An organization can help you adjust and even provide you with life long friends.

2. Go to class. We all like to party all night and have lots of fun but you came there to get a degree. Studying will allow you to not to regret possibly not graduating later. Are you okay with a 2.0 GPA? Sure C’s get degrees, but remind yourself that you’re spending a lot of money for college. And at the same time, consider that you’re fortunate that you’re able to get into a college. A lot of kids would love to be in your shoes but don’t even have the choice due to their life circumstances.

3. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. No one likes someone who is trying to be cooler than they are. People like true people. Being that freshman that tries to be better than everyone else will not get you too far.

4. Go to your teacher’s office hours. Most of us don’t know everything. Going to your teacher’s office hours can allow you to get the recommendation letter for grad school your senior year or get a grade bumped up.

5. Go to school events. Meet new people you have never seen on campus before. It allows you to get free stuff while being able to hang up with your friends. You could possibly meet your best friend for life.

6. Talk to the people in your dorm. Many dorms are represented by different interest such as honor, sports, subject. Just like you they want to meet other freshman. What better way than befriending the people who have to share a bathroom or floor with?

7. Friends will come and go. Many people will be trying to find their way in college. Becoming distant with some of your old friends happens. Do not try to hang on to a relationship that is not working out. People will change and you will change in college. Embrace change instead of running from it.

8. Call mom or dad. It is okay to call mom or dad. It will not make you seem less cool. Seniors still call their parents during the difficult times of life. Missing home is okay too. For most of you college is a new atmosphere than what you are used to at home.

9. Get organized. Getting a planner will allow you to not feel stressed when tons of papers come up during midterms or finals week. By getting organized early you will thank yourself later when you have to take hard classes your senior year.

10. Don’t forget to have fun. GPA is important but enjoy college while it last. Make memories with your friends because college only last 4 years. Do not regret having not made fun memories after you have graduated.

10. Don’t be quick to judge. College is a learning experience. Don’t judge someone because you maybe in the same situation down the road. Keep in open mind. You will experience new things. Embrace it.

12. Don’t take college for granted. It is an opportunity that will allow you to find yourself, build your future ,and make memories. After college the real world will hit. Enjoy college while it lasts.


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