12 Birthday Ideas For Your Girlfriend

I’ve been with my girlfriend for 8 years now..And every time I’ve felt like I needed to set the bar “higher” when it comes to getting a birthday present for my girlfriend. Let’s be honest, for those that have a girlfriend, this is probably one of the most stressful times of our lives. We want to make sure that she’s happy because when she’s happy everyone else is happy…Or so we’d like to think. Honestly, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive thing to put a big smile on her face. I mean, it all depends on the girl as well. But if your girlfriend is simply based on “materialistic” objects; then you may want to re-think your relationship with her.Nevertheless, here are 12 birthday ideas on what to get a girl for her birthday.

  1. Girls love spontaneous things. If you do something out of the ordinary for her birthday, then your girlfriend will be happy. It will make them feel that they’re that special to you. Instead of having a normal dinner, you can surprise her with candles. Girls love candles. Why?Beats the hell out of me. It just makes everything so “romantic.”
  2. Go on a getaway trip. Again, this relates to the first tip “spontaneous.” Surprising your girlfriend on a getaway will make her love you so much. It’s one of the best birthday gifts that anyone can ask for. I mean, whowouldn’t want to go to out of the country or the state for a couple of days? Be sure that you plan this out, though. I remember taking my girlfriend to Hawaii and she was bored as hell with me. Purchasing flight tickets and hotels is half the battle. The second half is making sure you have an agenda when you’re there.
  3. I know damn sure that your girlfriend has taken you to the mall with her. And let’s face it, it’s been a disaster. I’m pretty sure you’re on your phone checking the latest score, or on Facebook reading about everyone else’s awesome lives. Do yourself a favor. At least pay attention as far as what she’s looking at / trying on when she’s at the store. That might be the gift that you’ll have to get her if she can’t afford it or purchase the item at that time.
  4. MAKE, SOMETHING! Girls love seeing their boyfriends make an “effort” when it comes to their birthday present. There was a point where all I did was buy expensive things for my girlfriend. And I noticed in her eyes that she was “happy” with the item but was more sad. She knew that I didn’t spend the “effort” of getting her present and instead I bought her something expensive “thinking” that would make her happy. Nope. And again, you can get her something expensive but at least put a bow on top. Or at least make her an awesome birthday card where you write something special. Trust me, I’ve been there where I would just buy a gift card that was already written, and that didn’t go well. And this is what I mean by “Make the effort.” Spend your OWN time in making your girlfriends day even more special.
  5. Use a Lifeline. If you’re still fresh in your relationship and you have no idea what she’s into, then you should probably call her friends. No one better than her friends knows what she likes. You get two things out of this. One – you gain major points from her friends (which is a great thing! You NEVER want to be on their bad side). Two – it will be much easier for you to find a birthday present for your girlfriend.
  6. Surprise her with a box of chocolates and a stuff animal + roses. You can do two things with this gift.
    1. You can have 1800flowers deliver them to her place/work/school.
    2. You can be a man and show up at her front door with the goodies.

Either way, the old box of chocolates and roses never gets old. Okay..eventually it will, but it’s always a great gift idea.

  1. There will be times where your girlfriend will be stressed as hell. I’ve seen my girlfriend stress out so many times in the past. And whenever she was stressed, she’d always ask for a massage. DING DING! What does that tell you and me? SPA. That you want to take your girlfriend to a SPA because you know she’ll be extremely thrilled! You always want to take her to a really nice spa as well. It’s her birthday, and the last thing you want for her is to feel painful at the end of the SPA. Always go on Yelp to check reviews.
  2. If you’re on a budget, then it’s time for you to get creative. It doesn’t matter if you’re the worst artist in the universe, what matters is (again) EFFORT. Go to your nearest supply store, or go to Target and buy yourself an album. In that album, you can do the following.. 1) Draw cartoon characters (or stick figures) of you and your girlfriend and create a cute story. 2) Add photos with “cute” quotes of you two. 3) Write a small story that will make her smile. Trust me, you’ll have her in tears. Tears that she really loved your creativity and effort or tears that she had wished you had gotten her dream car (refer to what I had mentioned at the start of this post. Hint: Re-think that relationship).
  3. Whenever you’re at her house, pay attention at what she complains about. For example, maybe your girlfriend wishes that she had watched the latest season of “Game of Thrones” but she doesn’t have HBO. Bingo. Now you can get her a monthly subscription of HBOGO so she can watch her favorite show. I know, us men probably drift off into space when our girlfriends complain about something. But trust me, them complaining benefits you. It makes life so much easier as far as what to get for her birthday.
  4. Our girlfriends have hobbies, and if they say they don’t, they’re lying. At times, they probably don’t even know that what they’re doing is a hobby…such as reading fashion magazines every day. Yup, that’s an actual hobby. Anyway, if your girlfriend loves sports then guess what? Take her to her favorite sports team. If your girlfriend loves anime, then take her to the nearest anime expo. Perhaps her birthday doesn’t fall into exact dates of the “events.” That’s fine, it’s the “THOUGHT” that counts. You knowing that she’s into “something” means the world to her. Your girlfriend will accept the gift regardless if her favorite hobby event is on a different date from her birthday.
  5. Get her something that would be new to the both of you. Such as skydiving or going to a shooting range. Bare in mind, make sure you’ve had past conversations… “Things that she’s never done and WOULD LOVE to do in the future.” Imagine you surprising her with skydiving, and she’s afraid of heights. She’d probably leave you for giving her anxiety. Again, you sharing a new experience with her on her birthday would mean the world to her.
  6. The last thing you can do is be straightforward. Just ask her what she wants for her birthday. Three things will happen.
    • She’ll be glad to tell you exactly what she wants.
    • She won’t tell you and that she wants you to surprise her.
    • She’ll get mad at you for not figuring out what to get for her birthday.

But hey, there are times where you can’t think of anything else but to simply ask her. Or you can be clever about it and just ask her what she’s always wanted on a random day (before her birthday). Either way, don’t stress yourself when getting your girlfriend a gift. All she really wants is for you to be there on her special day. Oh, and more importantly don’t EVER forget her birthday.


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