How to Live Your Life With No Fear

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” – Les Brown

A lot of us are not living our full potential due to fear. Whether it be a lack of confidence, or the “what ifs.” “What if it doesn’t work?” “What if I fail?” “What if I did something wrong?” Our thoughts are so powerful that it can make or break you. Needless to say, these thoughts are perfectly normal. It’s the beauty in us of being human, we’re not perfect which makes this journey in life a bit more “exciting.”

Why is it that we live our lives with fear?

Our surroundings

Think about it. Your whole life you’ve been exposed with media, the internet, peoples lives, your parents, family members, friends etc. When you turn on the TV you’ll see the latest breaking news and usually it’s something about a crime/murder/bankruptcy/celebrity break ups/ etc. Those are all negative stories that’s storing in your brain. It’s the same thing when you’re having dinner with a family member and they tell you about them losing their job due to higher competition. What does this all do to you? It influences you to think of all these bad things happening in life, which then creates that “fear.” I’m sure there’s been times where you or someone will say “Hey, I heard in the news that there was a shooting in the mall. We shouldn’t go to the mall any more.” OR “Doing real estate is bad right now because it’s not stable. Avoid that at all times.”

How do you overcome this?

Shift Your Thoughts and Your Lifestyle

  1. You have the power to change your thoughts. Sure, you’re going to be tested with all the exposure, which is normal. Instead of thinking “What if this happens, fails, goes bad, etc. etc.” shift your thoughts to “What if it succeeds?” “What if I had the time of my life by doing it?”. Simply alternating your thoughts can make a huge impact with fear.
  2. Spend time with people that want to grow with you. Over the course of years, I’ve learned that your influence makes a huge impact in life. Whenever I spent time with someone that just kept complaining about life, it would just bother me and I would start doubting myself. However, when I spent with people that were so happy, and wanted to live their life; I would also then get motivated to live my own life.
  3. Personal Development. One of the biggest things that I’ve lacked was personal development. In order to face your fears, you have to work on yourself. One way of doing this is by creating a list of things that you’re lacking. From there, you work on it by reading books, going on YouTube and just by applying. You can read all the books in the world to get better, but if you don’t practice what they preach, then you’ll never grow.
  4. Begin to have that imagination. Start dreaming, and visualize the happiness within yourself. Work on removing the what ifs, and the fear. Stop worrying, and visualizing nightmares and start to visualize all the fun things in life.

I always tell myself that I live my life once. Am I going to live my life with fear? Or am I going to grow old one day and reflect that I lived my life to the fullest? Live your life with no fear and regrets.

12 Helpful Advice for College Freshmen

Most of us have been the youngsters in college. Ready to be free from the reins of our parents and be out on our own. College is an exciting time as many upperclassmen can tell you.; parties, new experiences, or even finding your soul mate. Let’s be honest, though college can also be scary for incoming freshman. Here are 12 tips to help incoming freshman have a great year.

1. Join an organization. No one wants to be alone in his or her dorm room. Joining an organization will allow you to meet friends who like to do the same activities you like to do. If you think you need to get adjusted before joining an organization you probably will regret it later. An organization can help you adjust and even provide you with life long friends.

2. Go to class. We all like to party all night and have lots of fun but you came there to get a degree. Studying will allow you to not to regret possibly not graduating later. Are you okay with a 2.0 GPA? Sure C’s get degrees, but remind yourself that you’re spending a lot of money for college. And at the same time, consider that you’re fortunate that you’re able to get into a college. A lot of kids would love to be in your shoes but don’t even have the choice due to their life circumstances.

3. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. No one likes someone who is trying to be cooler than they are. People like true people. Being that freshman that tries to be better than everyone else will not get you too far.

4. Go to your teacher’s office hours. Most of us don’t know everything. Going to your teacher’s office hours can allow you to get the recommendation letter for grad school your senior year or get a grade bumped up.

5. Go to school events. Meet new people you have never seen on campus before. It allows you to get free stuff while being able to hang up with your friends. You could possibly meet your best friend for life.

6. Talk to the people in your dorm. Many dorms are represented by different interest such as honor, sports, subject. Just like you they want to meet other freshman. What better way than befriending the people who have to share a bathroom or floor with?

7. Friends will come and go. Many people will be trying to find their way in college. Becoming distant with some of your old friends happens. Do not try to hang on to a relationship that is not working out. People will change and you will change in college. Embrace change instead of running from it.

8. Call mom or dad. It is okay to call mom or dad. It will not make you seem less cool. Seniors still call their parents during the difficult times of life. Missing home is okay too. For most of you college is a new atmosphere than what you are used to at home.

9. Get organized. Getting a planner will allow you to not feel stressed when tons of papers come up during midterms or finals week. By getting organized early you will thank yourself later when you have to take hard classes your senior year.

10. Don’t forget to have fun. GPA is important but enjoy college while it last. Make memories with your friends because college only last 4 years. Do not regret having not made fun memories after you have graduated.

10. Don’t be quick to judge. College is a learning experience. Don’t judge someone because you maybe in the same situation down the road. Keep in open mind. You will experience new things. Embrace it.

12. Don’t take college for granted. It is an opportunity that will allow you to find yourself, build your future ,and make memories. After college the real world will hit. Enjoy college while it lasts.


12 Birthday Ideas For Your Girlfriend

I’ve been with my girlfriend for 8 years now..And every time I’ve felt like I needed to set the bar “higher” when it comes to getting a birthday present for my girlfriend. Let’s be honest, for those that have a girlfriend, this is probably one of the most stressful times of our lives. We want to make sure that she’s happy because when she’s happy everyone else is happy…Or so we’d like to think. Honestly, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive thing to put a big smile on her face. I mean, it all depends on the girl as well. But if your girlfriend is simply based on “materialistic” objects; then you may want to re-think your relationship with her.Nevertheless, here are 12 birthday ideas on what to get a girl for her birthday.

  1. Girls love spontaneous things. If you do something out of the ordinary for her birthday, then your girlfriend will be happy. It will make them feel that they’re that special to you. Instead of having a normal dinner, you can surprise her with candles. Girls love candles. Why?Beats the hell out of me. It just makes everything so “romantic.”
  2. Go on a getaway trip. Again, this relates to the first tip “spontaneous.” Surprising your girlfriend on a getaway will make her love you so much. It’s one of the best birthday gifts that anyone can ask for. I mean, whowouldn’t want to go to out of the country or the state for a couple of days? Be sure that you plan this out, though. I remember taking my girlfriend to Hawaii and she was bored as hell with me. Purchasing flight tickets and hotels is half the battle. The second half is making sure you have an agenda when you’re there.
  3. I know damn sure that your girlfriend has taken you to the mall with her. And let’s face it, it’s been a disaster. I’m pretty sure you’re on your phone checking the latest score, or on Facebook reading about everyone else’s awesome lives. Do yourself a favor. At least pay attention as far as what she’s looking at / trying on when she’s at the store. That might be the gift that you’ll have to get her if she can’t afford it or purchase the item at that time.
  4. MAKE, SOMETHING! Girls love seeing their boyfriends make an “effort” when it comes to their birthday present. There was a point where all I did was buy expensive things for my girlfriend. And I noticed in her eyes that she was “happy” with the item but was more sad. She knew that I didn’t spend the “effort” of getting her present and instead I bought her something expensive “thinking” that would make her happy. Nope. And again, you can get her something expensive but at least put a bow on top. Or at least make her an awesome birthday card where you write something special. Trust me, I’ve been there where I would just buy a gift card that was already written, and that didn’t go well. And this is what I mean by “Make the effort.” Spend your OWN time in making your girlfriends day even more special.
  5. Use a Lifeline. If you’re still fresh in your relationship and you have no idea what she’s into, then you should probably call her friends. No one better than her friends knows what she likes. You get two things out of this. One – you gain major points from her friends (which is a great thing! You NEVER want to be on their bad side). Two – it will be much easier for you to find a birthday present for your girlfriend.
  6. Surprise her with a box of chocolates and a stuff animal + roses. You can do two things with this gift.
    1. You can have 1800flowers deliver them to her place/work/school.
    2. You can be a man and show up at her front door with the goodies.

Either way, the old box of chocolates and roses never gets old. Okay..eventually it will, but it’s always a great gift idea.

  1. There will be times where your girlfriend will be stressed as hell. I’ve seen my girlfriend stress out so many times in the past. And whenever she was stressed, she’d always ask for a massage. DING DING! What does that tell you and me? SPA. That you want to take your girlfriend to a SPA because you know she’ll be extremely thrilled! You always want to take her to a really nice spa as well. It’s her birthday, and the last thing you want for her is to feel painful at the end of the SPA. Always go on Yelp to check reviews.
  2. If you’re on a budget, then it’s time for you to get creative. It doesn’t matter if you’re the worst artist in the universe, what matters is (again) EFFORT. Go to your nearest supply store, or go to Target and buy yourself an album. In that album, you can do the following.. 1) Draw cartoon characters (or stick figures) of you and your girlfriend and create a cute story. 2) Add photos with “cute” quotes of you two. 3) Write a small story that will make her smile. Trust me, you’ll have her in tears. Tears that she really loved your creativity and effort or tears that she had wished you had gotten her dream car (refer to what I had mentioned at the start of this post. Hint: Re-think that relationship).
  3. Whenever you’re at her house, pay attention at what she complains about. For example, maybe your girlfriend wishes that she had watched the latest season of “Game of Thrones” but she doesn’t have HBO. Bingo. Now you can get her a monthly subscription of HBOGO so she can watch her favorite show. I know, us men probably drift off into space when our girlfriends complain about something. But trust me, them complaining benefits you. It makes life so much easier as far as what to get for her birthday.
  4. Our girlfriends have hobbies, and if they say they don’t, they’re lying. At times, they probably don’t even know that what they’re doing is a hobby…such as reading fashion magazines every day. Yup, that’s an actual hobby. Anyway, if your girlfriend loves sports then guess what? Take her to her favorite sports team. If your girlfriend loves anime, then take her to the nearest anime expo. Perhaps her birthday doesn’t fall into exact dates of the “events.” That’s fine, it’s the “THOUGHT” that counts. You knowing that she’s into “something” means the world to her. Your girlfriend will accept the gift regardless if her favorite hobby event is on a different date from her birthday.
  5. Get her something that would be new to the both of you. Such as skydiving or going to a shooting range. Bare in mind, make sure you’ve had past conversations… “Things that she’s never done and WOULD LOVE to do in the future.” Imagine you surprising her with skydiving, and she’s afraid of heights. She’d probably leave you for giving her anxiety. Again, you sharing a new experience with her on her birthday would mean the world to her.
  6. The last thing you can do is be straightforward. Just ask her what she wants for her birthday. Three things will happen.
    • She’ll be glad to tell you exactly what she wants.
    • She won’t tell you and that she wants you to surprise her.
    • She’ll get mad at you for not figuring out what to get for her birthday.

But hey, there are times where you can’t think of anything else but to simply ask her. Or you can be clever about it and just ask her what she’s always wanted on a random day (before her birthday). Either way, don’t stress yourself when getting your girlfriend a gift. All she really wants is for you to be there on her special day. Oh, and more importantly don’t EVER forget her birthday.


The Pizza Delivery Man Story

It was late one night and I had the sudden urge of ordering pizza. As usual, I got my favorite stuff crust Pizza from Pizza Hut. I didn’t feel like driving, so I decided to have it delivered over to my house. The wait time was about 40 minutes, so I decided to do a couple of jumping jacks inside the house to burn some calories. I figured since I’m going to have a large box to myself, I might as well have a little workout before the pizza would arrive.

However, the pizza delivery man came a lot sooner than 40 minutes. I didn’t even break a sweat with my jumping jacks! Anyway, I noticed something different as soon as I opened the door. The delivery man greeted me with a big smile. On top of that he acknowledged my dogs. Mind you, that every pizza delivery man that came to my house in the past looked miserable and couldn’t wait until their shift was over. None of them acknowledged my dogs either, until this guy came along.  I asked him how he was doing, and he said “fantastic.” Once he gave me my large box of pizza, I had to sign a receipt. I gave a nice tip to the man just because he was extremely friendly.

After the delivery man received the receipt with tip, he asked me “Hey, can you do me a huge favor?” In my head, I was thinking “Oh great…what does he want now,” (rule #1 – don’t assume! which I was at fault here…) Anyway, I said “Sure. What is it?” And he said with a nice smile “I want you to have a wonderful week. Can you do that for me?” My jaw dropped as I was shocked with his response.  I was speechless for a moment, and then I told him “I definitely will. And I hope you have a great week as well!”

It was the perfect timing, and to hear that from a stranger that I’ve never met had definitely made my day.

It’s very rare for someone, (more rare that it’s a delivery man) to ask a favor from you – and that favor involves with YOU of having a great week. An act of kindness I would say, and an event that I’ll never forget. It just shows how you don’t need any materialistic object or a lot of money to be happy. All you really need is good company from others, whether they’re your friend, family and or even strangers.



Fitbit Charge HR Review

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to get myself an activity wristband tracker. Spoilt for choice, I was a little worried these tracking devices maybe just a little “fad” like how we see selfie sticks all over the place. More importantly, I wanted to track my progress and make sure that I was pushing myself when it comes to exercising. I was specifically looking for an activity wristband that provided the following: Heart Rate, Calories Burnt, Steps Taken, Miles Ran/Walked and Hours of Sleep. Believe it or not, every activity wristband provided that and not just the Fitbit Charge HR. So you’re probably thinking, what made me choose the Fitbit Charge HR from the rest of its competitors? Well, I’ll get to that in a little bit. Let’s talk about the design first.

Design of the Fitbit Charge HR

IMG_1487 The thing about me is – I’m all about simplicity. If I’m going to do a lot of physical activity, then I don’t need something flashy like a 24K gold activity tracker. There’s no need for that. I’m probably going to have some wear and tear over time (I’ve had the Fitbit for about a month and a half now) anyway so why should I have something that’s “fashionable?” The great thing is that the Fitbit is adjustable and it comes in two different sizes. One, for people with small wrists, or the other, for people with gigantic wrists like myself. The LED screen is pretty neat.  It’s this tiny black screen which basically provides all the data.
There’s a single button on the Fitbit Charge HR, which basically gives you all the data that you want to see. You’ll need to click it several times however, if you want to check out your steps, miles, calories burned, and your heart rate. You can also setup the order of what you want to see first when clicking the button on the wristband, by accessing your settings on the app.


The only thing that annoys me is the green light. Basically if the battery is charged, then you’ll see this green light on. It’s annoying especially when you’re at the movies and it’s pitch black, and all you see is this damn green light constantly blinking. Although the battery is behind the wristband, you’ll still be able to see it because it’s just so…Green! Nevertheless, it’s such a sleek design. I love the fact that it’s nice and simple.

Key Features

There are a lot of features on the Fitbit app that I still haven’t messed around with. However, the ones that I have played with have been great so far. If you want to read more about the features then click here. Just to give you an idea of what the dashboard looks like, check out the picture below. It’s pretty straightforward, and breaks it down for you. You’ll notice that each section has a “bar” with the color orange or green. Basically, you set yourself daily goals and if you accomplish your day’s goal then the bar turns green. When I first started, I had set my daily step goal to only 8,000, which I bumped upto 15,000 steps within just a week and a half. And this is what makes these activity wristbands “motivating.” There will be times where the day is almost over and I’m not close to my daily step goal; so what I’ll do is I’ll go to the living room and do a couple of jumping jacks just to make sure that I hit my goal! Or you can be a cheater and attached the Fitbit to your dog. But then again, what’s the point of that? The goal is to progress with your health.

Another great feature is to let the app know how many pounds you want to lose; assuming you want to lose weight. Once you’ve added your desired weight goal, it will tell you how many calories you’ll need to lose a day, and also how many calories you’re allowed to eat per day. You can log in your food every day with its approximate calories. Also, it has a neat tool where you can scan the bar code of your food / drink (if it has a bar code) and it will tell you the exact calories. You can also add in your own calorie number as well.

The BIGGEST feature (which sold me on the product), is that you can compete with your friends. In other words, you can setup a friendly competition where you can add up to 10 people and see who can get the most steps for the week / weekend / or for just the day. You can taunt them, cheer them, or leave them a comment. You get friendly online badges as well for hitting certain milestones. It only made my decision a lot easier when I found out majority of my friends and family have the Fitbit as well! Which means that I’ll never be alone when reaching my goals!

I love having these competitions with my friends because it gives me an idea of where I stand as far as my physical activity is concerned. It lets me know whether I need to step it up a notch, or ease it down depending on my competition. The great thing is that these friendly competitions pushes everyone. Its human nature to want to step up on your workouts when you see that you’re at the bottom of the competition. Especially if everyone is neck to neck except for you; that’s embarrassing, but at the same time it pushes you. Unfortunately, in this example my friend Lawrence kicked my ass by 14,000 steps. Nevertheless, it’ll motivate me to do better the next time!


Certain Flaws of the Fitbit Charge HR

I’ve mentioned all the great features of this product, and how the design is simple and what not. But there are certain flaws with the Fitbit Charge HR. Even though I like the design, I’m just not too sure about its durability. I seriously feel like the LED screen could easily break. I’ve had my Fitbit for a month and a half and there are already scratches along the sides of the screen. Before you say, “Well, you should be more careful with it,” bear in mind that this is in fact an ACTIVITY wristband. Which means, I’m going to be wearing this for any physical activity. Whether it’s lifting weights, playing basketball, etc. . In other words, as there is bound to be a lot of physical contact, I personally feel the LED could have been made from a higher quality material.

I also feel like syncing your Fitbit to your app takes a little too long. You got to make sure that your Fitbit Wristband is synced to your app or else you won’t know how many steps you’ve actually taken. I remember the other day I was extremely happy that I was beating all my friends by 10,000 steps! Only to find out that they didn’t sync their Fitbit until last minute. When they finally synced it, they destroyed me by a large margin. If I had known earlier on that they were beating me, I would have stepped up a notch with my workout. FYI, the competition games always reset depending if you’re doing the weekly challenge, weekend, or daily. Another downside is that you can’t view your historical matches with friends, so you can’t determine whether or not you’ve taken more steps to the prior weeks.

The last thing that I’m a little worried about is the inaccuracy of the steps. For instance, when I’m typing on the keyboard, my Fitbit will sometimes count it as “steps.” I work in an office setting, so I’m always sitting from 9-5. When I look at my Fitbit after work, it tells me that I walked 2 miles and took 7,000 steps! I know for sure that I didn’t do ANY of that. Sure, I can always take out my Fitbit but I don’t want to lose it since it’s such a small accessory! The Fitbit can be a hassle to take off, since the band is extremely sticky that it can be frustrating to remove it from your wrist.

The Verdict

Although there are a couple of flaws with the Fitbit Charge HR, I can say this was definitely the best choice I have made specifically for my health. Tracking my progress is extremely helpful, but at the same time it makes it a lot more fun when achieving goals with my friends. I highly recommend this product if you’re serious about changing your lifestyle. Please don’t get it just because it’s the “cool” thing to do. Get it because you want to get better every day!

3 Simple Ways to Alternate Your Thoughts

Negative emotions like hatred destroy our peace of mind. ” – Matthieu Ricard

We go through a bunch of crazy shit in our lives. Times where we just want to give up because we can’t even see the light at the end of the tunnel. Fortunately (yes I said fortunately), we’re going to go through these “rough” events night in and night out. I say fortunately because these are the times where you’ll grow. And so the key here is to alter your thoughts into something “positive.” Yes, it’s simple to say “All you have to do is change your thoughts,” and I’m sure you’ve heard it countless of times. And I’m here to admit, it’s hard, but that’s the beauty of it all! Altering your thoughts brings the best out of you! Of course, that’s only if you choose to. I’ve dealt with people in the past where all they did was complain about their lives. Complained about their job, how they had the oldest cell phone, and everything else to them just sucks. Honestly, all of that is a simple fix. Instead of complaining about their job, they could have been thankful that they even have a job. Instead of complaining that they have the oldest phone, they could at least take the time to realize that they are still within communication with all of their friends and family. And so I’m here to basically tell you 3 simple ways to alternate your thoughts.

1) Take the time to look at things in a different perspective.

Before you unleash your anger on how things aren’t going your way, take the time to really question yourself. Ask yourself, “Am I really mad? Why am I mad? What can I do to change this? What’s the positive side of this?” I got mad at my boss because he didn’t give me a big promotion. I was extremely angry at him because I wanted to make more money. And then, I gave it some thought. There’s always a blessing in disguise, is what I would tell myself. The thought was, if I was given that big promotion, I wouldn’t have enough time for myself, and I’d have to dedicate more of my time at my job. For me, I’m all about spending quality time for myself, my family and my friends.

2) Put yourself in the other persons shoes. 

Take the time and look at other people around you. You’ll recognize there are people smiling. But you know what? They’re going through rough times too but the biggest point here is that they don’t let it bother them! They “accept” the challenge, knowing that life isn’t always going to be easy. Besides, if life was so easy, what’s the point of living? And what I’m trying to say is that there will be others who have gone through some horrible events in the past, and even the in the present. Yet, they’re still grinding through in life because they’re always thinking positive. I remember visiting a 3rd world country a couple years ago, and I’d see a bunch of kids with NOTHING. All they had was a tiny basketball court in the front of their house. I knew that if I had that type of lifestyle, I’d be miserable. However, I was watching them and I saw that they were extremely happy. And just putting myself in their shoes made me look at things in a totally different perspective.

3) Spend time with people that have great energy.

I notice that my negative thoughts was heavily influenced by my surroundings. Everyone around me was thinking negative, and so it reflected on me. Your surroundings has a huge impact in the way you think. Whether it’s your parents, your friends, and or your cousins. I’m not here to tell you to get rid of them if they’re negative; however, start finding people that will make you feel good.  Add or find friends and family members that do think positive. For instance, my best friend has gone through a lot in the past. There was a point where he only had $20 in his pocket for a couple of days.. However, he still maintained a positive attitude, and instead of dwelling on him being poor, he used it as a motivation to work harder. Today, he’s making thousands of dollars a week. All it took was perseverance and just staying positive. His attitude bounced off to me, where I’m super blessed. Even with all the challenges that I go through night in and night out, I see it as a blessing.

All you have to do is take the time for yourself and really take things into perspective. Maybe there’s a hidden blessing as to whatever it is that you might find as a challenge. And maybe there’s a blessing in disguise that you don’t know about. You have to be hopeful. Always put yourself in another persons shoes. Especially the ones that are happy, yet they’ve gone through a lot. Being in someone else’s shoes could give you once again, another perspective that you haven’t discovered before. And the main thing, is to really spend time with people that bring positivity in your life.



3 Simple Ways to Help You When You’re Stressed At Work

Let’s face it. There’s going to be times at work where you want to pull off your hair (if you have any) and scream at the top of your lungs. Deadlines are due, your boss assigned you to 5 other projects, and you have no idea how to start. Things like this have happened/will happen to you. The simplest way to handle this, is to say “f it,” pack your bags, and head out the door. Simple solution right? The only thing is you won’t have a job the next day. All kidding aside, there are a couple of useful ways to handle your stress at work.

1) Take a Break.

If you’re in an office setting, then sometimes it’s always good to just take a walk  outside so you can take a breather. When you’re under stress, you’ll notice that your mind is probably going all over the place. You start to worry about when you’ll be able to get your work done, and you also start to panic hoping that your boss won’t fire you things aren’t done correctly. Therefore, you want to gather your thoughts and one of the best ways of doing that is to just go outside, and take a short breather. Give yourself some time to reflect, and to organize your thoughts on how you’ll be able to accomplish tasks at work. You can also take a co-worker with you for a walk and try to get his or her feedback/recommendation with whatever is stressing you out at work. Bare in mind, that you want to keep this “break” productive. I’ve seen co-workers that would go outside for a breather and complain about the work that they were assigned by their boss. That’s not going to solve anything. You want to figure out how you can knock out your projects / tasks at work, rather than complain even more. It’s not going to get you anywhere.


2) Plan Ahead.

One of the best ways to handle stress is to plan ahead. A good boss typically gives you an assigned project way before it’s due. Now if you have a boss that just loves to give you a bunch of projects that are due as soon as possible; then maybe you should look for another job. Why be at a job where you have a boss that’s not even considerate when giving you assigned tasks? When it comes to planning, you want to create yourself a roadmap. A roadmap – meaning, what steps will you be doing specifically for your tasks, and how long will each step take? When you break it down by the numbers, it will create less stress for you. Sometimes seeing smaller numbers helps a person, unless it’s money :).


3) Ask Questions.

When you’re stressed at work, talk to your peers and ask questions. If you don’t understand your assigned task (which can cause a lot of stress), then you have every right to get some assistance. Do not be scared that you’re going to bother them, because that’s their job, which is to give you proper guidance. Also, if you think that a specific project is too hard/or impossible for it to be due at a certain time frame, then see if you can extend the due date with your boss. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Now if they aren’t willing to compromise, then ask them what other options do they have. Let them know too that you’re extremely stressed at work, but also give them an understanding as to why you’re stressed. If you just tell them “Hey [name], work is super stressing me out. I can’t do this,” then you won’t get anywhere. Remember, the goal here is to respect your peers side as well because working for a company isn’t all about you. It’s about everyone.


Utilizing these three simple steps should help your stress at work. There will be a time too, where you should ask yourself, “Am I at the right job?” If you’re not having fun, and you’re stressed all the time, then why are you there? Maybe it’s time to consider working at a new job that won’t cause too much stress. In all honesty, you’re going to be at your job most likely 5 times a week. That’s about more than half of your time being spent at work. So make sure you at least enjoy your job!

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